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5/28/05 06:57 pm - ___20below



11/25/04 08:42 pm - dirtyfoullilboy - :(

ummmmmmmmmmmm yea i was hoping that SOMEONE would at least talk to me you know that would be nice but i guess instead i will just keep writing and talk to myself yet again like i always end up doing cause most of my friends wont even talk to me i guess they arent even REAL friends they alway make up stinking excuses and always find a reason to not hang out with me what and i not "cool" enough?!!? am i that ugly?!!? do i smell that bad?!!? damn i just took a shower but yea ill just post this and hope that someone will talk to me cant say i didnt try :-/

11/25/04 07:54 am - dirtyfoullilboy

hello there my name is frank ummmmm i really dont know what to say but "hi" ummmmm yup just looking for friends to talk to or even just people just someone so yea im really tired and pissed off so im gonna go now byebyez

10/24/04 03:04 pm - x0xsmashleyx0x

Welcome to Emo Core. Discuss, Chat, Whatever you wanna do. Keep it cool though, let's keep the grudge's out of the boards! Thanks guys!

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